How to Design Your Dream Pool on a Dime

Publication date : Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Designing a swimming pool isn’t the most affordable investment for the home, but it’s one that certainly pays for itself in the long run. Yet even if you justify the money being well spent, you can only go as far as your budget allows. Luckily, designing a pool for your backyard doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think. First, you’ll be saving money on pool passes and lugging the kids to the beach. Second, there are many ways to cut down on the initial cost of the pool. Let’s take a look.

You don’t need the ‘go big or go home’ mentality.

Bigger isn’t always better, particularly in this case. Though everyone who wants a pool dreams of it being big and beautiful, you don’t need that big of a pool unless you’re planning on swimming laps in your freetime. Think about what your pool is intended for – the kids playing, relaxation, more time outdoors – and what size pool will accommodate these needs. Downsizing the pool means less costs in terms of materials, construction and labor.

It’s okay to skip on features. You can always add them later.

Today’s pool owners have endless options at their fingertips, and we understand that it’s hard to skip on things like water slides, water fountains, lighting systems and attached hot tubs. But when money is on the line, you’re best going for the basics rather than denying yourself a pool altogether. And, you can easily add many of these features at a later date.

Not only can you wait on upgraded features but also things that seem basic such as water heaters. When you live in a warmer climate, a water heater isn’t a necessity anyway. But, you may want to consider spending the money on energy-efficient upgrades that will cost more on the front end but end up saving you money on your monthly bills.

Pick an inviting spot for your pool – the center of it all.

Some people originally decide that they want the pool off in the distance, but this can make your project more expensive. You’ll need more landscaping to guide guests to the pool, and it will be set away from the home where it may not get as much use. It’s best to choose a location that is close to the home so that the pool is inviting and can be tied in with other activities such as barbecues and fire pits.

Finally, don’t hesitate to talk to a pool installation company about ways you can save money. They have decades of experience installing pools and know creative ways to save money on the initial cost of the pool and monthly maintenance.

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