How to Boost Energy Efficiency with Your Hot Tub

Publication date : Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

There is one thing you cannot escape from with a hot tub: it has to heat your water! But, just because it needs a steady supply of warm, relaxing bubbles does not mean you have to worry about high energy bills. There are plenty of ways to conserve energy with hot tubs in Jackson – and you may be surprised at just how easy those things are to do. Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint, but you can lower your electric bill a few dollars each month by making your existing tub more energy-efficient.

Tips for Making Hot Tubs in Jackson More Energy Efficient

Whether you use your hot tub daily or once a week, you can make an effort to conserve energy. A few things you can do include:

  • Start with a Spa Cover – Heat will rise up in your hot tub and you can lose valuable heat through the top. If the spa cover you have has deteriorated, heat can easily leak through the hinges and folds as well as the rim. Inspect your existing cover and see if it is time for replacement. Any tears in the vinyl, bent liners and improper seals are indications that it is time for a new one. Replace your existing cover with a good quality cover that provides higher R-value and prevents heat from escaping.
  • Build a Windbreak – Windbreaks are fixed structures that not only give your hot tub privacy, but can also prevent heat loss. A windbreak can be made out of different materials, including vinyl fences, shrubbery, temporary privacy panels or constructed spa enclosures.
  • Check the Thermostat – Just like in your home, lowering your thermostat in the hot tub will conserve energy. Aim for 102 degrees Fahrenheit or a little lower. If you will be gone for extended periods of time, lower the tub’s temperature or turn off the heater (as long as the night temperatures will not freeze the tub or pump) while you are away.
  • Find Out Peak Hours – Power companies have “peak” hours, which means that when you consume energy during specified time periods, you are charged a higher rate. If your hot tub has a timer, try to lower the temperature during peak hours and heat only during off-peak hours to lower your bill.
  • Turn Off Features – When you are not using the tub, turn off the extra features like jets, LED lights and blowers. There is no need to leave these on while the tub sits unused.
  • · Maintain Your Hot Tub – Improper maintenance can force your hot tub’s pump to work harder; thus, consuming more energy. Make sure to regularly check your filter, monitor the pump and see how it is working. Do your scheduled maintenance per manufacturer instructions.
  • Time for a New Spa? Buy Energy-Efficient Hot Tubs in Jackson at Paradise Pools
  • Older hot tub models will likely consume more energy regardless of the steps you take. If you are thinking of replacing your older hot tub with a newer one, call Paradise Pools to ask about our energy-efficient models. These hot tubs not only conserve water, but can lower your electricity bills while still offering maximum comfort.
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