Holiday Gift Guide for Pool Owners

Publication date : Monday, December 1st, 2014

Do you have someone who loves to swim on your holiday gift list? If so, now is the perfect time to buy them something for their swimming pool. Not only will they love their gift, but also it’s money well-spent on your end. Plus, not too many people are thinking about pool gifts and gadgets at this time of the year, so your gift will certainly stand out!

Here are some of our favorite gifts for pool lovers and avid swimmers. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration, too!

Floating Blossom Candles: On a warm summer night, floating blossom candles look amazing. All you need to do is set the candles in the pool, add a tealight or votive candle and light it. The candles are available in many different colors and ideal for nighttime pool parties.

Pool Lounger: Who couldn’t use a new pool lounger to spend their days in? Rather than picking up just any standard pool lounger, explore the many options online. Some loungers include a cooler for storing drinks as well as drink holders. Others have a canopy that blocks the sun. Some have cozy armrests, and others are shaped into fun designs like flip flops. The choices are endless!

Inflatables/Ride-on Toys: If the person you’re shopping for has kids or is a kid, then they will love a few new inflatable pool toys. There’s nothing better than lounging on these toys on a hot summer day. But the fun doesn’t stop there. You can also pick up inflatable obstacle courses, bounce houses and crawl tubes for the pool.

Pool Organizers: What is your friend going to do with all their new pool toys? Why not get them organized with a pool organizer that hold pool floats and inflatables. With this thoughtful gift, your friend won’t have to worry about their pool toys being scattered all over the yard – or in their neighbor’s yard.

Storage Box: Another great idea for keeping things organized is a storage box. These simple storage containers can be used for storing all types of pool gear including inflatables, towels or pool chemicals.

Patio Furniture: If you’re interested in buying one large, family gift, consider a new patio furniture set for your loved ones. The right furniture can transform the swimming pool atmosphere by providing a comfortable place for friends and family to sit, socialize and enjoy snacks and lemonade. Check out the furniture selections at Paradise Pools – many of which are on sale right now!

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