Getting Your Pool Set Up for the Summer

Publication date : Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

Many agree that summer is the most wonderful time of the year – and we couldn’t agree more! With warm weather right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about getting your swimming pool set up for the summer. You may be scared to lift that pool cover and see what’s underneath, but don’t be. All those sticks, branches and gunk floating about can be quickly cleaned, and the water restored to a crystal blue color that’s perfect for swimming!

Here are some helpful tips for getting your pool set up for the summer season.

Remove the Cover and Clean

Use a leaf net to clean off any leaves or debris that have settled on the cover. Remove the cover, clean it, let it dry and store it for the season. To clean the pool, put the filtration system together, clean out the baskets and remove any plugs that were used to protect the pool from freezing over the winter.

Top Off the Water and Start the Filter System

If the water level decreased over the winter, top it off. The water should be brought to its normal operating level, and all filters should be cleaned. Some filters need to be taken apart, cleaned and reassembled, while others (sand filters) can be set to backwash to rinse out the sand. Prime the pump before you start the motor, and make sure that all air is purged from the plumbing and the equipment.

Assess the Condition of the Pool

Check the pool for leaks, and assess its overall condition. If you used a pool cover over the winter, the water should be in fairly good condition and require a basic cleaning with a leaf rake. Remove the rest of the waste, such as sand, dirt or algae, with a vacuum.

Test the Water

Allow the water to circulate for 8-12 hours before testing. It’s recommended that you have a professional test your water. If you take a water sample to a swimming pool store, most will test it for free, and you get a complete test. The pool pro can then tell you what the mineral content is, what the pH and chlorine levels are and the total alkalinity. You can then add the right chemicals to your pool.

Wait for Clear Water

The filter needs to be cleaned each day until the water is clear. You may have to add chlorine to get the water to the right level, and the whole process can take a week. You may also install ladders, handrails, diving boards and so on at this time. Clean tile lines with baking soda or a pool tile cleaner. When the water is clear, it’s time to swim!

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