Can I Leave My Swimming Pool Open All Year?

Publication date : Sunday, October 15th, 2017

When you live in a state like Mississippi where the winters are short and mild, some pool owners consider leaving their inground pools open all year long. Now that November is upon us, you might be wondering if you have to hurry up and close your pool before the temperatures drop. Is it possible to leave the pool open year-round? What are the pros and cons?

Not closing your pool has good and bad points. Let’s explore what they are so that you can make the best decision for your pool.

The Pros

  • Running water is beautiful. Some people enjoy leaving their pools open so that they can listen to running water during the winter. Water looks amazing when it glistens in the sun, and there’s just something about stepping outdoors in the quiet of winter and watching flowing water.


  • Easier spring cleanup. One of the biggest hassles with opening a pool in May is that it has a lot of algae and other debris in it. Usually, it only takes a few days to remove all of this, but leaving your pool open won’t leave you with the same issues.


The Cons


  • Using electricity. The nice thing about closing your pool is that you get a break on your electricity. If you leave the pool open, you’ll have to continue paying for the energy used. Fortunately, you can set your pump on a low-speed option to save money.


  • No salt system. Salt chlorine generators don’t work when the water temperature gets too low, usually around 60 degrees. While this isn’t a huge deal because algae won’t be growing as much, you will still need an alternative to keep your pool sanitized.


  • Freezing lines and pipes. Even though it doesn’t get too cold here in Mississippi, the temperatures can drop down to the 40s. And, if a storm rips through and knocks out the electricity, the pool’s plumbing and filter can freeze.


Is Leaving Your Pool Open Right for You?

Whether to close your pool or leave it open through the winter is up to you! Many of our customers choose to close their pools because they don’t want to continue running the pump and adding chemicals throughout the winter.

However, we do have some customers who say that leaving their pool open is best because it looks better and is far less work come springtime. If you do choose to keep your pool open, be sure that you continue with good practices such as by balancing chemicals and running the filter.

If you’d like to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages to pool closing in Mississippi, call Paradise Pools today!

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