Best Fall Flowers to Plant Around Your Pool

Publication date : Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

If you’re familiar with planting shrubs and flowers, then you understand the importance of choosing the right foliage for the application. You can’t just plant a bunch of flowers that you like; you must consider which varieties will suit the area, bloom at the right time and serve your purpose. This is why many people plant a combination of perennials and annuals so that their garden is always blooming, colorful and vibrant.

When choosing plants to go around your pool, the decision deserves the same careful attention, probably even more. Some plants shed and will create a big mess for your swimming pool. Others have invasive roots that could cause structural problems. And then there are those that look pretty but have thorns or spines and won’t feel good around bare feet or hands.

Let’s take a look at some stunning fall flowers that will add late-season color while being conscious of your pool-friendly environment.

Aster: Pink, blue, purple and white flowers offer plenty of choices. Pick a few from your garden to place in a vase and brighten up the home!

It looks like a daisy and has a warm, golden color, too. Calendula is perfect for mild-winter climates and will stay in bloom from late fall through early spring.

Candytuft: These plants grow tall and wide, so they are perfect for filling out space around a pool. Their dark green leaves look great year-round, and the white clusters of flowers can be cut for bouquets. They bloom in spring and fall.

Cyclamen: These flowers are available in pink, rose, red and white and resemble butterflies. They look lovely in winter and make great bedding plants, or can be planted in a container and placed around the pool.

Hellebores: The flowers are shaped like bells or cups and face outward or downward. Colors range from pink to white to purple, and the flowers turn green after their bloom periods.

Iceland Poppy: Tall, leafless stems give these plants grace and character, especially when towering over a luxurious pool. They grow up to 2 feet tall and are available in pink, orange, cream, salmon, yellow and white.

Nemesia: Another tall plant, nemesia grows up to 2 feet tall and features upright stems and bright green leaves. They also grow wide, which is nice if you’re looking to create a backdrop for your pool or hot tub.

Pansy: Pansies offer a lot of bloom for the buck, and they are available in numerous bicolors and solids. They remain top sellers year after year because of their abundant colors, hardiness and affordability.

Snapdragon: These fun flowers are ideal for pool edges and borders, and they’ll continue to bloom through mild-winter climates. Snapdragons are available in many colors, and kids love exploring their “upper” and “lower” jaws.

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