Are Salt Pools Really That Good?

Publication date : Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Salt water pools have gained a strong reputation over the years, prompting more people to investigate their benefits. Some people have the perception that salt water pools are safer and more comfortable compared to chlorine pools. But what’s the truth behind them? Are salt pools really better, or are chlorine pools just as good?

Let’s take a look at some of the common questions that pool owners have regarding salt pools.

Are salt pools chlorine free?

Salt pools still contain chlorine, but the chlorine comes from the salt rather than being added directly to the pool water. However, the levels of chlorine tend to be lower than chlorine pools. In general, you must still maintain 1-4 parts per million of chlorine at all times to kill bacteria and keep the pool clean. If you want a true chlorine-free pool, you need Baquacil instead, which is carried at Paradise Pools.

Are salt pools easier to take care of?

With a salt water pool, you have a salt chlorine generator that does take away some responsibility. The generator eliminates the need for tablets, sticks or other forms of chlorine that you would use to keep your pool clean. But this is the only difference. You will still be required to maintain and test pH, alkalinity and calcium levels.

Are salt pools less expensive to maintain?

You won’t be buying chlorine for your pool, but don’t expect to see any huge savings, especially in the first few years. With the cost of a salt chlorine generator and routine maintenance, the first years of your pool may be more expensive than a chlorine pool. You may see savings over time, but some pool owners pay the same, if not more, on a salt pool.

Do salt pools require less hazardous materials?

It’s true that you won’t have to carry chlorine around, which is a clear advantage. But you’ll still have to use muriatic acid and other hazardous chemicals to adjust pH levels, so you’re not in the clear. Also, salt water pools have pH levels that rise faster, so you’ll need to use more muriatic acid than with a traditional chlorine pool. Also, don’t forget the amount of salt you’ll need to keep your pool running.

Does the pool water feel better to swim in?

One of the main benefits to a salt water pool is that it feels good on the hair and skin. Remember though, these pools still contain chlorine, so don’t feel that a chlorine pool is the problem. The reason why the water feels softer on your skin is because of the added salt, not because of a lower level of chlorine. You can, however, achieve a similar experience by upgrading your equipment in a chlorine pool.

We hope that this information has helped you better understand salt pools. They have some advantages that are worth considering, but we wouldn’t say that they are necessarily better than chlorine pools. In fact, with some of today’s advanced systems, you can achieve comfortable pool water even in chlorine pools.

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