Are Hot Tubs in Jackson MS Hard to Maintain?

Publication date : Saturday, August 15th, 2020

Thinking about enhancing your backyard with a brand new hot tub? If you’re like most customers, one of the first questions you have is how much maintenance hot tubs in Jackson require. After all, the purpose of buying a hot tub is to have a place to unwind and relax, not add more stress to your life!

Paradise Pools sells Caldera Spas because we truly believe they are the best! With a Caldera spa, you get a beautiful, comfortable, energy-efficient spa that will give you all the wellness benefits you’re looking for. They’re also simple to maintain, especially with their innovative FreshWater Salt System. 

Here is the type of maintenance you can expect from your spa. 

Clean the Filters 

To keep your hot tub functioning optimally, you need to clean your filters regularly. This will keep your water sparkling clean while also improving the lifespan of your spa. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for filter cleanings, which are usually around 3-6 months. Usually, all you have to do is rinse the filter and soak it in a cleaning solution. 

Use the Right Spa Chemicals 

Just like pools, hot tubs require the right balance of chemicals. At Paradise Pools, we have a number of chemicals and sanitizers that will keep your water clean and comfortable. Bromine is a great option for spas because it eliminates germs but is less irritating to the body. We even have ways to make delivering the bromine easy and hands-free such as with our Spa Frog Mineral System

Change the Water 

Your hot tub will take care of most of the cleaning on its own thanks to the filter and FreshWater Salt System (if you have it). But, your water will still need to be changed occasionally to keep it fresh and clean. General recommendations are between one and four months, depending on how frequently your spa is used. 

Wipe Down the Shell 

While you’re changing the water in the spa, you should also tackle the shell surface. Regular cleanings prevent a buildup of oil and debris. Typically, all that is needed to clean the shell is a soft damp cloth, but you may need something more if you have stains. Talk to your hot tub dealer for recommendations.

Cover Your Spa 

When your hot tub in Jackson is not in use, it’s best to keep it covered. This is the most effective way to keep leaves and debris out of the water while also trapping and reusing heat. Don’t forget to keep your cover clean as well. Usually a quick cleaning involves hosing off the cover and wiping it down with a mild detergent. 

As you can see, hot tubs in Jackson are not difficult to maintain. There is some upkeep, but it’s far less intensive than caring for a swimming pool. Plus, you get a relaxing spa right outside your door! 

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