Aggregate: A New Era of Pool Finishes

Publication date : Monday, September 30th, 2019

Even though gunite pools are more expensive than vinyl and fiberglass, they offer the greatest flexibility. People who are investing in a pool appreciate this versatility, as they can choose any size, shape, depth and layout of their choice. Gunite pools can even be made to fit in small backyards, which let’s face it, many of us have. 

Traditionally, gunite pool finishes consisted of plaster, a simple mixture of water, cement and either marble dust or silica sand. While plaster is still popular and widely used today, a newer option is surging in popularity: aggregate. 

Let’s learn more about aggregate pool finishes, the different options available and why they may make a great fit for your inground swimming pool. 

What is Aggregate? 

Aggregate finishes are a new generation of pool surfaces that have surpassed plaster in recent years. These finishes contain stones, glass, quartz, pebbles and others, which are then combined with a cement-based plaster. With so many options, aggregate can transform your swimming pool into a luxurious spa

The two types of aggregate are: 

  • Polished. Polished aggregate contains stone crushings like marble, granite or quartz. The pool gems add a luscious shine to the plaster, as well as increase its durability. Polished aggregate has a lifespan of 12-20 years or more. 
  • Exposed. Exposed aggregate usually contains micro glass beads or river pebbles. It’s not as smooth as the polished aggregate but does add traction to the pool. The texture is unique, but be prepared to finish the surface within 10-20 years. 

Benefits of Aggregate Finishes 

If you are thinking about installing an inground swimming pool or renovating your current one, an aggregate finish is definitely worth considering. While it is more expensive than traditional plaster, it won’t break the bank. For the extra cost, you get far more design options, better quality materials and a longer lifespan. 

Here are some benefits to choosing an aggregate finish: 

  • Exceptional durability. Because of the stone that is mixed into the aggregate, these finishes are durable and long lasting. They also have a higher resistance to staining and chemicals used in the cleaning process. 
  • Greater design options. Tired of looking at the same white plaster finish? An aggregate finish will transform your swimming pool. Choose between river pebbles, ceramic-coated crystals, glass and more. 
  • Longer lifespan. How long the finish lasts depends on what stones it is made with. Pebble aggregate finishes have been shown to last for 15-20 years, whereas quartz has a shorter lifespan of around 7-12 years. 
  • Less maintenance. Aggregate is less work than plaster. Because plaster invites algae, it needs to be acid washed every 3-5 years. It’s also more prone to cracking and staining. 

It’s obvious why aggregate has become a top choice for pool owners. It’s beautiful, affordable and durable – everything a pool owner could dream of! To explore pool finishes for your pool project, contact Paradise Pools today.


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