Adding a Pool to a Small Backyard (and Making it Look Good!)

Publication date : Thursday, September 27th, 2018

Not everyone has a big backyard to work with. While this can feel like a disadvantage when it comes to adding large features like a swimming pool, hot tub or two-story deck, this isn’t the case at all. You will definitely have to be more creative with utilizing your space, but it can be done. In fact, some of our favorites yards are small because of the creativity and innovation that was put into them!

If you have a tiny backyard space but can’t get your mind off having a swimming pool, we have a few tips for putting your space to good use and getting the pool you’ve always wanted.  

Install a Dipping Pool

A dipping pool, or plunge pool, is just big enough to take a quick dip under the hot Mississippi sun. You won’t be able to swim laps in it, but you can cool off and lounge around. There are several advantages to installing a dipping pool, including a lower cost to build, easier maintenance and reduced water requirements. They are a great option for smaller properties.

Opt for a Lap Pool Across Your Yard

If your backyard is long and narrow, consider installing a lap pool across the back of your yard. This leaves plenty of space to install a patio or deck and have some lawn. If you install a fence along the pool, we suggest choosing one that serves as a wall, too. This way, you can install water features that flow into the pool.

Choose a Freeform Swimming Pool

When creating a design for your swimming pool, think outside the box. While rectangular shapes are most popular, they can take up room that you don’t have. Vinyl liner and concrete pools can be custom designed to the shape and size you want them to be. Having curves and a large patio can be enough to give your yard a swimming pool, lounge area and grill area. And – less lawn to mow!

Extend Your Space Upward

To make a small yard look bigger, consider adding levels. For example, install a two-story deck coming off your home that extends to your swimming pool. This gives you plenty of space for grilling, lounging and socializing with friends while having a pool to cool off in. Use walls or fencing to draw attention upward and opt for water features such as cascading waterfalls.

Swimming pools are not reserved for big yards only. Even with a small or awkward shaped backyard, you can install a swimming pool and put your space to good use. Need ideas? Call Paradise Pools for a free estimate.


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