A Guide to Changing Your Hot Tub Water

Publication date : Saturday, March 22nd, 2014

With that winter chill still lingering in the air, few activities sound nicer than relaxing in a warm hot tub. While it may take a visit from your Jackson pool spa service team to keep your hot tub running its best all the way into spring, there are certain maintenance steps that you can perform on your own. Here is a guide to one such step—changing your hot tub water:

Start by Draining the Water to Prepare for a Good Scrubbing

To begin changing your hot tub water, determine the best way to drain the old water. If your hot tub features a self-draining pump, then you will want to use that to steadily pump the water out. Models that don’t feature such a pump will need to be drained by connecting a hose to the spa’s drainage valve and slowly removing water throughout the day.

Turn Your Sights to the Cover and the Filter

Once the hot tub has been drained, it should be scrubbed down using a cleaner recommended by your swimming pool repair company. After working on the shell, be sure to adequately clean the spa cover as well as the filter. As soon as you’ve removed debris from the filter, be sure to mark your calendar to clean it again in 30 days.

Replenish the Water Supply and Check the pH Levels

The final steps in this simple process are to refill the hot tub to the volume recommended by your spa service and then rebalance the chemicals. In order for your spa to remain a healthy and enjoyable environment for your family, the pH levels need to be appropriate at all times.

Paradise Pools and Spas would like to remind you to always turn your spa off before you change out the water. If you could use some professional help in maintaining your pool or spa, give us a call at (888) 928-0360. With over 30 years of experience, you can trust us with any all of your pool and spa needs.

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