6 Ways to Make Your Hot Tub More Efficient

Publication date : Monday, May 10th, 2021

Hot tubs are wonderful to have, but they do require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Many spa owners run into obstacles when managing energy consumption, maintaining temperature and balancing water and electrical usage. Thankfully, there are ways to be an energy-conscious hot tub owner. The environment will thank you – and so will your wallet. 

Here are six effective ways to make your hot tub in Jackson more efficient

1. Purchase a Solid Cover

Modern-day spas are built with insulated shells to help prevent heat loss. However, the majority of the heat escapes through the top. This is why it pays to have a hot tub cover. Spa covers prevent water from evaporating and heat from escaping. The best hot tub covers are in good condition, with straps to secure the cover and prevent heat loss. 

2. Utilize a Thermal Blanket

Thermal blankets (also known as solar blankets or solar covers) keep the evaporation down and heat in. With a thermal blanket, the water heat will fluctuate less, preventing your hot tub system from over-working to regulate temperature. Ask your hot tub supplier for a recommendation – the best thermal blankets reduce heat loss by 95 percent! 

3. Use Different Modes 

During periods when you aren’t as likely to use your hot tub as much, lower the temperature of the water. Also use the natural weather patterns to your advantage. For example, in summer, you’re able to turn the temperature to a below average level due to natural heat. In the winter, you’ll need to maintain heat so the water doesn’t cause damage to the pipes. 

4. Limit Blower Usage 

Blowers inject air into the water for a smoothing motion, similar to jets. However, this same air can also reduce heat and cause you to consume more energy. If you enjoy having the blowers on, use them in intervals to cut down on heat loss. Jets, on the other hand, will heat your spa faster. 

5. Maintain Filters 

Clogged, worn out and damaged filters are guaranteed to affect the circulation of water which leads to strain on the motor and other heating components. To ensure this doesn’t happen, make a regular schedule to clean your filters every other month, as well as with each water change. This saves money and energy because your water will stay clean. 

6. Close Hot Tub Properly 

After using your hot tub, get into the habit of turning off the lights and closing the jets when the tub is not in use. Leaving the jets on will cause the temperature to change, forcing the heater elements to work harder. And, if you don’t plan on using your spa in the winter, you should consider winterizing it. 

These tips will help you run your hot tub more efficiently, reducing your energy consumption and out-of-pocket costs. To shop for Caldera spas and hot tubs, contact Paradise Pools today!

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