6 Items You Should Never Put In Your Pool

Publication date : Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

When you invest in a swimming pool, the last thing you want to do is put something into it that leads to bacteria growth and dangerous swimming conditions. It can be difficult to reverse water gone bad, so we decided to help out our readers by providing them with a list of six items that should never go in the pool. You’re welcome!

1. Petroleum-based products

There are some online articles that suggest using petroleum products like Vaseline in the o-rings of the filter. Unfortunately, this is a mistake, as petroleum can cause the o-rings to break down over time. Once this happens, the o-rings will stretch or tear, rendering them useless. When using lubricants, make sure that they are made out of silicon or teflon.

2. Too much chlorine

Some pool owners assume that since chlorine is needed to kill bacteria, using more is OK. But, this is not the case. Large amounts of chlorine can cause skin irritation and aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms. Besides being bad for you, an excess of chlorine is dangerous for the pool. The extra acidity eats away at metal piping, pool equipment, pool liners and concrete surfaces.

3. Shock

That’s right. Shock should never be added directly to your swimming pool. It can ruin your pool liner by causing bleach stains the weaken the material. Before adding shock to your pool, always dissolve it in a bucket of water. (Also, remember the important rule of adding chemicals to water and not water to chemicals.) When the shock has dissolved, you can add it to your pool.

4. Electrical devices

The pool is a place for fun and relaxation, so many pool owners enjoy bringing along music and other entertainment. If you drop your iPhone into the pool, you might be out a new phone, but you won’t be in any danger. However, anything electrical – radios, lights, appliances – should be kept a safe distance away from the pool. Electrical shock can and does happen.

5. Food

Eating near the pool is perfectly fine. Eating in the pool – well – that’s a different story. If you a hot dog or chips go over the inner tube, you can contaminate the water, which is a problem in itself. But, more concerning is that the food can end up in the filter and clog it. Plus, the crumbs that you leave behind can welcome pests, which bring their own host of problems. Bottom line: Keep the grilled goodies at the picnic table.

6. Glassware

If you enjoy drinking cold beverages in and around your pool, stick to plastic or acrylic. These can still break and leave sharp pieces on your pool deck, but it’s easier to see them compared to pieces of clear glass. Plus, glass (even shatterproof) is more likely to break. If glass falls into the pool, you also run the risk of ripping the liner. It’s not just glassware to be concerned with but also glass in nearby tables and garden accents, as these can blow over in a storm.

To ensure your swimming pool is an investment that keeps on giving, make sure you treat it well and avoid putting the above six items directly into your pool. If you do run into problems, give Paradise Pools a call.


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