5 Ways to Keep Autumn Leaves Out of Your Swimming Pool

Publication date : Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

November is when the trees in Mississippi are at or near peak foliage colors. This provides a beautiful backdrop when looking out the window. As beautiful as the trees are this time of year, we know that things are about to become a mess. It won’t be long before there are leaves littering our yards and driveways. 

When you own a pool, it’s important to keep it clean year-round. This can become particularly hard in the fall when swimming pools are subject to leaves, dirt and algae. If you don’t keep your pool clean, the leaves will deteriorate into smaller pieces and affect your chlorine levels. Just a small dip in chlorine can allow algae to develop. 

The good news is that there are many ways to keep leaves and other debris out of your pool. Below are your five best options. 

1. Use a Winter Pool Cover 

One of the simplest things you can do is keep your pool covered. If you use your pool a lot, you may want to invest in a system that automatically rolls the cover up when you’re not using it. Otherwise, they can be heavy and time-consuming.

If you plan on covering your pool for the winter, a pool cover won’t be an issue. However, pool covers alone won’t solve all of your challenges. We still recommend using a leaf net for cleanup as well as a pool pump cover to remove dirty water. 

2. Use a Mesh Pool Cover 

Mesh covers act similarly to pool covers except that they are easier to clean. These covers keep leaves out of the pool without having the water collect on top. To remove the debris, you can use a pool brush, leaf blower or large broom. Keep in mind that rainwater can get still get into your water

3. Use a Leaf Net Cover 

Leaf net covers can be used on their own or alongside your pool cover. If you use one on top of your pool cover, it makes cleanup a lot easier. If you use one on its own, you can easily collect leaves before they get into your water. You’ll have to put it on every time your pool is not in use, though. 

4. Take Care of Your Lawn 

Maintaining your lawn keeps your yard looking great and also makes it easier to care for your pool. Trim your trees back every few years to prevent branches and leaves from falling into your pool. Also, when you mow, use a bag to cut down on the grass clippings and flying debris so they don’t end up in the water. 

5. Choose Smart Landscaping 

If you plan to update your landscaping in the spring, give special attention to the plants and bushes you select. There are many pool-friendly plants that will add beauty without the work, such as tropical flowers, crabapples, dogwoods and plants that don’t flower or produce fruit. 

Now that fall is in full swing, you’ll need to give your pool extra attention to ensure it stays safe from falling leaves and debris. Hopefully our tips have helped give you some ideas, but if you have more questions, contact Paradise Pools today! 


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