5 Benefits of Spa Ownership

Publication date : Monday, August 17th, 2015

We’ve all had “those” days. You know, the days where everything and everyone has gone wrong. These are the days that we need the most relaxation in order to combat stress and the complications that come with it. Unfortunately, many people have no way to escape the stress from their day.

But, imagine this. Your very own spa in your backyard. A place where you can unwind and relax alone or with your closest friends or family members. A spa can turn your backyard into a personal retreat where you make the rules.

Let’s explore five benefits to owning a spa and why this may be one investment that is worth making for your emotional and physical health.

1. Pain Management

If you’re someone who lives in chronic pain due to arthritis, injury or other problems, a soak in the warm hot tub will provide you with maximum relief. And – it’s natural. For once, you don’t have to worry about adding another medication to your regimen. The hot water, bubbles and water pressure work together to offer this relief whenever you need it.

2. Joint and Muscle Relief

In the same way that hot tubs work to relieve pain, they work to soothe tired and achy joints. If you have a job that requires a lot of physical labor, an evening soak in the hot tub can erase a lot of this discomfort. The warm, bubbling waters reduce tension in the muscles and joints, plus provide the body with a deep tissue massage.

3. Better Sleep Habits

If you don’t get enough sleep at night, it’s going to affect you during the day. This creates a cycle that leaves you feeling tired and irritable much of the time. You need your energy to do your job and raise your family, and you probably don’t want to depend on sleep aides the rest of your life. With reduced stress and improved comfort, you can get a better night’s sleep after soaking in a spa.

4. Reconnect with Family

You probably don’t get to spend that much quality time with your family becuase of school, work and extracurricular activities. Having a spa in your backyard is a great way to combat this. Plus, this is far more constructive than sitting around indoors in front of the TV. Being out in nature and looking up at the stars is a great way to start dialogue between you and the kids.

5. Low Maintenance

Of course, you don’t want to add anything to your yard that will require more work than it’s worth, but you don’t have to worry about a spa adding much to your workload. Quality spas are energy efficient and low maintenance, and it’s true that you will spend more time IN them than working on them. Paradise Pools carries a number of spas, including reasonably priced models. Stop into our showroom or browse online to get a better idea of the assortment we have available.

Having a spa in your backyard is an excellent way to care for yourself and your family. By managing stress, improving sleep and reconnecting with family, you have everything to gain from owning a spa.

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