4 Reasons to Replace Your Above Ground Pool Liner When You Move

Publication date : Monday, April 20th, 2015

It is that time of year when people start looking to sell and buy homes. As you already are aware, one of the key benefits to owning above ground pools is that they can move with you. When you do move your above ground pool, it is best to replace the pool liner.

Why Replace a Pool Liner?

Even if your pool liner has worked great and seems like it is in good condition, there are a few reasons to purchase a new one before setting up at your new location.

  1. Shrinkage – After the water empties out of your above ground pool, the vinyl liner is then exposed to the elements. It has also been exposed to several years of chemicals (which of course, are necessary to help maintain your pool). As the vinyl liner dries out, it begins to shrink. This shrinkage stresses the material and in some cases, it could cause the liner to tear when re-filled with water.
  2. Screw Holes – When your liner was originally installed, the skimmer was installed by cutting and then placing the screws through the liner. Holes in a vinyl liner are hard to cover up. So, unless you can get the holes to line up 100 percent perfectly, you run the risk of a liner leak.
  3. Deterioration – Since you have already taken the time to drain your pool, now is the time to examine the liner for chemical deterioration. Also take into account how much chemical exposure it will get in the future. Rather than put up with the hassle of draining and replacing the liner in a few years, you might as well replace it now while everything is emptied out.
  4. Floor Base Variances – The base of your above ground pool at your old house is not going to be identical to the base at your new house. If the base is shorter, you may notice wrinkling in your liner and it is nearly impossible to re-stretch a liner perfectly.

Talk to the Above Ground Pool Experts at Paradise Pools Today

Paradise Pools carries a wide variety of above ground pool liners. If you are moving this summer, come in and we can help you find the perfect liner. That way you can enjoy your new house with a like-new pool. Whether you need a professional install or you want to install it yourself, we are here to supply you with the perfect liner for the job. Give us a call at 601-932-POOL.

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