7 Affordable Ways to Update Your Swimming Pool

Publication date : Monday, December 19th, 2016

49209768 - swimming pool,blue spa swimming pool with clean water

Keeping things updated around the home takes a lot of work, and your swimming pool is no exception. If you don’t take the time to clean, maintain and refresh your spa, it’s going to end up looking old and outdated. Plus, maintenance is crucial for keeping your pool safe for children and pets.

To help you out, we’ve createa a list of seven practical, cost-effective ways to update your swimming pool. By summer, it will have a new look and feel that is ready to be enjoyed!

  1. Illuminate your backyard with new lighting. LED options have a more expensive cost on the front end, but they are durable and long lasting. They can also be purchased in different colors. Solar lights are a good pick, too, and require very little maintenance.
  1. Buy a variable speed pump. Studies show that variable speed pumps are 90% more efficient than standard ones. Make the investment today and enjoy more efficient operations and a reduced energy bill.
  1. Raise the fun factor with new equipment. The kids get bored with the same accessories year to year, so consider getting a diving board, slide or diving rock. Even small equipment can make a huge difference, such as new pool floats and pool toys.
  1. Install an ultra-efficient heating system. An efficient heating system will heat your pool quickly so that it can be used on cool Mississippi nights. Plus, because the water gets heated faster, it requires less energy.
  1. Build a new focal point. Ideas for focal points include a fountain, rock waterfall or water bubblers. Not only do these add a new appeal to your swimming pool but also increase the value of your home. Looking out the window and seeing a cascading water feature looks elegant and sophisticated!
  1. Replace the concrete around your pool. You can build a deck, but a more affordable option is to replace the concrete with decorative pavers or stamped concrete. Stamped concrete, in particular, is economical and can be made to look like flagstone, slate or even hardwood.
  1. Restore the tile in your pool. The tile around the perimeter of your pool will get dirty and discolored after a while, and even a deep clean won’t restore it completely. Consider replacing the tile with something new. It will give your spa an entirely fresh look!

By updating your swimming pool from time to time, you keep it looking attractive, lower water consumption and energy usage and reduce the need for repairs.