5 Questions to Ask Before You Break Ground for a Swimming Pool

Publication date : Monday, May 24th, 2021

When you finally make the decision to purchase a swimming pool, it’s normal to want to dive right into the project! But before you do, there are a few details you’ll want to clean up. Your swimming pool dealer in Jackson can help with some of these, but you’ll also have to make some decisions on your own.

Below are five things to think about before breaking ground for your swimming pool. Discussing these topics now will prevent unwanted surprises from slowing down your project. 

1. How Will You Access the Swimming Pool? 

In terms of entering and exiting your swimming pool, you have a few options. A ladder is a common and cost-effective option, but if you’re planning on an inground pool, you can also consider built-in steps, a zero depth entry or a pool ledge (which can also be used for tanning).

Also consider the accessibility of your pool. You and your guests will still need to access the house, the restroom and the outdoor entertainment area. Think about where your patio, deck and walkways are positioned and where the placement of your pool makes the most sense. 

2. Are There Lines or Pipes Running Through the Ground? 

Before digging for an inground pool, you’ll need to check for electrical wires, telephone wires, sewer lines, septic lines or buried pipes. You can find this information from your home’s building plan, by calling the local records office or by calling 811 – the national call-before-you-dig number. Sometimes, these lines can be diverted but other times they can’t. 

3. How Will Your Pool Drain? 

Drainage is another issue that people often forget about, but it’s an important one. Water needs to drain away from the pool to avoid standing water or dirt/mud from getting into the pool. Also consider the nearby landscape and how it may be affected. Flat terrains are easiest to work with – hilly terrains are more complicated. 

4. What Add-Ons Do You Plan on Installing? 

If you want a basic swimming pool, you can work in a tighter space. But if you envision your pool having a slide, diving board, water features, etc., you’ll need to accommodate these features. For example, if you plan on having a pool slide, there needs to be enough patio or deck space to accommodate the ladder. Most slides need an area of 7 x 15 feet. 

5. Where Do You Plan on Storing the Pool Equipment and Chemicals? 

Ideally, your pool equipment and pool chemicals should be stored near the pool. A lot of our customers accomplish this with a shed. There are all types of sheds available – metal, wood, plastic – or you can splurge and build a pool house. Some pool houses are elaborate and have a kitchen, sitting area and bedroom, but you can also build a simple one for changing and storage purposes. 

These are some of the considerations to make before you break ground. When you work with an experienced swimming pool contractor like Paradise Pools, all of these points will be considered. We make sure our customers have everything in place before we start the project!

How to Make Your Swimming Pool More Efficient

Publication date : Monday, April 12th, 2021

Over the course of time, managing and maintaining a swimming pool can get expensive. Pools require a lot of work, but as long as you’re getting plenty of swim time throughout the summer, it’s worth it. Fortunately, there are simple ways to improve the efficiency of your swimming pool so it works faster and saves energy. 

Let’s talk about the different ways you can enhance your inground pool in Mississippi so that you save money and spend more time in the water!

Pool Finish and Color 

Certain finishes affect how your pool absorbs heat. Vinyl liners are low maintenance and durable, lasting 10-15 years. Tile is easy to keep clean and enhances the aesthetic of your pool. By installing these finishes in a dark color, they’ll be able to absorb more of the sun’s rays to keep your pool warm. 

Solar Blankets 

Another option is to purchase a solar blanket. Solar blankets preserve heat during the day and night. If you don’t want to fuss with taking the solar cover on and off, you can invest in an automatic pool cover instead. These covers offer more protection and reduce heat and water loss. This way, you’re not relying entirely on your pool heater (if you have one). 


Believe it or not, the surrounding landscape has an effect on your pool’s efficiency. Fences, hedges, trees, bushes and other objects act as windbreakers. These structures can reduce heat loss in your pool on windy days. The right landscaping can also affect how much sun your pool is exposed to. You can plant trees and shrubs to maximize the sun hitting the water. 

Variable Speed Pump 

Variable speed pumps are Energy Star certified and can save you $300 or more a year. These pumps allow you to minimize energy consumption by as much as 90 percent! Paradise Pools in Mississippi carries five different swimming pool pumps – the Power-Flo, EcoStar SVRS, TriStar, Super Pump and MaxFlo. Contact us today to see which pump will help you save money and improve efficiency. 

Optimize Plumbing 

It’s possible that your plumbing is to blame for increased energy costs. Plumbing systems have an effect on how your pool pumps are working. If the pipes are too narrow or take sharp turns, the pump might be working harder to push water throughout the system and into your pool. In this case, improving the plumbing system and routes can reduce load on the pump. 

Overall, there are many ways to make your swimming pool more efficient, especially with today’s technology and energy efficient equipment. Better yet, using these strategies can make your pool easier to take care of, saving you time and hassle. For more ways to improve the efficiency of your swimming pool, contact Paradise Pools today

Do’s and Don’ts When Building a Swimming Pool

Publication date : Friday, January 29th, 2021

A backyard swimming pool is a big investment that should last your family a long time. But this is one project where you don’t want to cut corners, otherwise you could take years of life off your swimming pool – and ultimately – your family’s fun. At Paradise Pools, we make sure we follow the latest procedures and use premium materials to ensure your pool is built properly. 

Below are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when building an inground pool in Mississippi. 

Do’s When Planning for a Swimming Pool 

  • Do your research. The pool contractor you choose has a direct impact on the quality and longevity of your swimming pool. Do your research, read online reviews and ask your neighbors for recommendations.
  • Do obtain several estimates. It’s recommended to get several estimates for what your pool will cost. Be sure to compare apples to apples – pool materials, warranties, shape/size, etc. 
  • Do consider all options. The possibilities are endless when it comes to swimming pools. Do you want vinyl, fiberglass or gunite? What size and depth do you prefer? What features must you have? It helps to make a list of your wants and needs. 
  • Do know how to care for your pool. While your pool is being built, take some time to educate yourself on pool maintenance. To keep your pool water clean and healthy, you’ll need to know how to test the pH level, clean filters, shock the pool, add water, etc. 

Don’ts When Planning for a Swimming Pool 

  • Don’t underestimate the project. Installing a swimming pool is a big project that takes an average of 8-12 weeks or longer. During this time, pool builders in Jackson will be digging in your backyard and making noise. You’ll need to plan for this commotion, especially if you have kids, pets or work from home.
  • Don’t choose a builder based on costs. It’s tempting to choose the lowest priced pool, but this is a short-sighted strategy. Instead, take your time choosing a pool builder and find someone who is experienced, has good reviews and an updated portfolio. 
  • Don’t ignore safety. With so many fun things to pick out for your pool – tanning ledges, water fountains, zero-depth entries – it’s easy to overlook less exciting features like safety. But don’t forget to account for drain covers, safety covers, pool alarms, a perimeter fence and anti-slip tiles. 

Looking to have a swimming pool installed in your backyard? Contact Paradise Pools to learn more about your options and how to make the most of your budget. 

Your Ultimate Guide to Planning a Swimming Pool

Publication date : Wednesday, November 11th, 2020

A swimming pool is a big project, so most people spend months planning out their perfect design and layout, especially if they’re adding a spa, hot tub or hardscape features. By leaving yourself enough time to plan, you can actually enjoy this phase of your project. Below is your ultimate guide to planning an inground pool that your family will love for years to come. 

Consider Your Options

The first thing to consider is what you want in your backyard. A swimming pool? A spa or hot tub? Both? 

Your budget will influence what you can and can’t have, but it’s also important to assess your reasons for having a pool. Is it for relaxation? Exercise or therapy? Entertaining? 

If you need a pool for exercise and therapy purposes, it may be best to install a smaller pool with a hot tub. If it’s for entertaining, you may prefer putting your budget into a large swimming pool with a slide. 

Pool Types and Styles 

The next step is to think about what type of pool you want. There are so many possibilities, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a style that meets your taste and preferences. 

For instance, infinity pools have a disappearing edge to maintain a beautiful view. A recreational pool with a zero depth entrance is great for families. Other options worth looking into are natural pools, saltwater pools and lap pools. 

Pool Construction 

The three main options for pool construction are fiberglass, concrete and vinyl. Each one has its pros and cons. 

  • Vinyl. Vinyl liner pools are economical, low maintenance and fully customizable. The liners do need to be changed, usually every 7-10 years. However, some last longer than this. 
  • Fiberglass. Fiberglass pools are more expensive on the front end, but there’s no liner to replace. They’re also low maintenance. Unfortunately, you’re limited to the existing designs – fiberglass isn’t customizable in the way vinyl liners are.
  • Concrete (gunite). Concrete pools offer unlimited design options. They can be any size, shape or depth. They’re rugged and durable, but also most expensive to install and maintain. 

Where’s it Going to Go? 

There’s only so many places where a swimming pool can go in your backyard. Your swimming pool contractor will help with this, but here are some factors to start thinking about: 

  • Utility lines 
  • Overhead wires 
  • Water tables from nearby ponds, lakes or rivers
  • Terrain (flat or hilly)
  • Easements 
  • Setback requirements 
  • Research protection zones 

Budget and Financing 

Swimming pools are an investment, so be honest with yourself about what you can afford and how you’re going to pay (cash upfront, financing, etc.). Don’t overlook the added costs of owning and maintaining a pool, such as insurance and pool spa chemicals. 

Whether you’re set on a pool style or just starting the initial planning phase, contact Paradise Pools today. We’ll be happy to go over your options and the best ways to get what you want with your budget. 

How to Build an Inground Pool on a Budget

Publication date : Friday, October 23rd, 2020

Having an inground pool in Mississippi is an amazing gift, but it’s also a major investment for many families. Fortunately, there are ways to make a pool installation more affordable without sacrificing the quality and features you want. On top of paying for the cost of installation, be sure to factor in pool maintenance costs. Some of the decisions you make early on can save you money in the long run. 

Below are some of our best tips for building an affordable inground swimming pool. 

Choose a Vinyl Liner Pool

Vinyl swimming pools are cheaper than fiberglass and concrete. However, you will have to replace the liner every so often, and this can be expensive. Vinyl liners are also more likely to get damaged. Despite these added costs, the initial price of a vinyl pool is more affordable than others. Even when it does come time to replace the liner, you can choose a different pattern and give your pool a refresh. 

Go with a Smaller Design 

Big pools are definitely attractive, but they also require more materials, more labor and more maintenance. A great way to save money is by scaling back the size of your pool. Plus, you’ll have more room for other things like a fire pit, trampoline or swing set. 

Install a Pool During the Fall Season 

Spring and summer are the most popular months for building pools. Because fall is slower, you may be able to get a better price if you install during this time. With fewer projects scheduled, some contractors are more flexible on price. At the very least, pool equipment is often on sale at this time of the year so you can upgrade without paying more. 

Keep it Basic 

When you’re trying to save money, it’s best to keep your pool design simple. Optional features will drive up your cost quickly, so it’s best to save your budget for the things you must have such as a fence, a durable liner and other safety features. To help with this, we recommend making a list of your wants and needs. This way, you can narrow down your features more easily. 

Work with a Qualified Pool Contractor 

Get several bids for your pool project and make sure to compare apples to apples. Don’t just go with the lowest bidder, regardless of their qualifications. Often, lower-than-average bids mean that the contractor is cutting corners such as by using budget materials. In the end, the most expensive pool is the one that has to be redone. 

Purchase Energy Efficient Equipment

To reduce pool maintenance costs, consider upgrading to an energy efficient pool pump or variable speed pump. Even though it’s more expensive on the front end, it will save energy. Also, you probably don’t need to run the pool filter all day. Usually running it at night is enough. Finally, purchase a pool cover that will help your pool retain heat.

There are many ways to save on a swimming pool and Paradise Pools can help! Contact us today to learn more about our pool installation services and what we recommend for budget-conscious customers.

Does the Novel Coronavirus Live in Swimming Pools?

Publication date : Sunday, March 15th, 2020

If you are quarantined at home for the next few weeks, it’s probably a good time to open your pool and get it ready for the warmer weather. However, with the coronavirus impacting our lives, some customers have asked if they should worry about their swimming pools. Fortunately, we have good news for you: Yes, your swimming pool water is safe from the novel coronavirus. 

Proper Pool Water Disinfection Kills the Coronavirus 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is no evidence that shows COVID-19 can be spread to humans through pools and hot tubs. As long as proper operation, maintenance and disinfection are followed, the virus should be removed or inactivated. 

Of course, if you choose to go swimming with others, you still run the risk of getting COVID-19 from an infected person or contaminated surface. The virus is believed to spread mostly from person-to-person, particularly when they are close together. 

As long as you plan on swimming in your own pool with your own family members, the risk of spreading coronavirus is low, unless someone in your family is infected. 

How to Test Your Pool Water 

If you’re concerned about your pool water being safe, test your water’s pH and free chlorine or bromine concentration. As long as the levels are normal, you can safely swim in your pool. However, this reminds us just how important it is to maintain proper pool chemistry. Not maintaining it can lead to the spread of bacteria and viruses that can make us sick. 

Here are a few tips for testing your pool water: 

  • Purchase a pool testing kit or test strip. Make sure it checks for chlorine and pH levels, as well as total alkalinity and total hardness.  
  • Perform the test according to the instructions. Both testing kits and strips are quick and easy to use. Strips are faster and easier to work with, but kits are more reliable. 
  • Read your results. Compare the water color to the chart provided with your kit or strip.
  • Balance the water based on your results. You’ll have to adjust various levels, such as your pH, stabilizer, calcium hardness and free chlorine. 

Paradise Pools Offers Pool Maintenance 

If you have trouble keeping up with your pool water, swimming pool companies like Paradise Pools offer pool maintenance services. We’ll be happy to care for your swimming pool so that you can enjoy it more. All of our packages include water testing and adjusting of sanitizer, pH, alkalinity and calcium levels, as well as vacuuming, skimming and equipment inspection. 

Additional questions? Give Paradise Pools a call anytime! In the meantime, we hope that you can plan a staycation at home and enjoy your pool safely amid the coronavirus outbreak.


Top 6 FAQs about Pool Remodeling

Publication date : Saturday, January 18th, 2020

Are you thinking about remodeling your swimming pool? This is an excellent way to breathe new life into your pool and your backyard in general. But, there are some considerations you’ll have to make. For example, what are your goals for your newly renovated pool? Do you plan on updating the tile and plaster, or are you thinking bigger, such as a new deck and plumbing equipment? 

The first step in a pool remodel project is to contact a qualified pool contractor like Paradise Pools. You can discuss your goals and objectives, as well as a reasonable cost and timeframe for the project. Below are the top FAQs we hear from our clients. Hopefully you will have a few of your questions answered, too! 

1. How long does a pool remodel take? 

The length of a pool remodel depends on what you are having done. If you plan on replacing the coping, tile and plaster, you can expect a turnaround time of about two weeks. However, if you have a bigger vision that includes new plumbing and equipment, the project could take several weeks or longer. 

2. What are the most popular features added during a remodel? 

Generally speaking, most pool owners choose simple but effective updates during a remodel. These updates increase their home’s value and make their pool more functional and enjoyable. Some of the most commonly requested features are: 

  • New lighting systems 
  • Safety features like handrails 
  • Relaxing features like waterfalls, fountains and rock formations 
  • Hot tubs and spas 
  • Outdoor kitchens and fire pits 
  • Walk-in beach entries 
  • Water spraying features for the kids 
  • Drink bar with sunk-in seating
  • Swimming pool slides 
  • Energy efficient pool equipment 

3. Can I move my pool pump and filter during a remodel? 

Absolutely. In fact, a pool remodel is the perfect time to do this. We recommend putting your pump and filter in a place where it won’t be seen and heard but is still easily accessible. 

4. Is it possible to change the shape of my pool? 

You can change the shape of your pool, but this will add significant time and cost onto your remodel. That said, this change may be worth it if you’re looking to transform your backyard or take advantage of a new look like the popular figure 8 or kidney-shaped pool. 

5. Can I change the depth of my swimming pool? 

It is possible to change the depth of your swimming pool, though you will have to get a new pool liner or pool finish to make this change. You can make your pool deeper or shallower depending on your needs. 

6. I have a gunite pool. Can I change it into a vinyl liner pool? 

Yes you can! A qualified pool contractor like Paradise Pools will send someone out to measure your pool, including the wall height, angle of slope and depth. Accurate measurements are crucial. Then, we will order the proper materials to make this transition. 

If you are planning on remodeling your swimming pool, contact Paradise Pools today. We’ll be happy to speak with you about your goals and how we can achieve them with your budget. If you start the planning process today, you will have a newly updated pool by spring or summer! 


Surprise Your Family with the Gift of a Pool

Publication date : Tuesday, November 12th, 2019

If you have been thinking about getting your family a swimming pool, Christmas may be the perfect time to make this purchase. A swimming pool is the ultimate gift for kids and adults of all ages. Instantly, you can turn your backyard into a fun place where your kids want to be! Plus, swimming is one of the best physical workouts. 

Since you’ll have to wait to have your pool installed, you may be wondering how you can surprise your family with the gift of a pool. Here are some ideas for sharing the news with your loved ones on Christmas. 

Frame a Picture of the Pool

If you have an idea or blueprint for your upcoming pool project, frame it and present it to your family on Christmas morning. If you’re not sure of the pool design, any pool picture will do. You can also make a collage of the ideas you have for your backyard oasis using pictures of pools, outdoor fireplaces, patio furniture and more. 

Give Everyone their Own Pool Toy 

Another fun idea is to give each person in the family their very own pool toy. For example, moms love comfy floating lounge chairs with a sun shade. The kids will enjoy pool toys like beach balls and pool noodles. And dads, well, they’re never disappointed in inflatable beverage holders, floating bars and volleyball nets. 

Put Together Pool Gift Baskets 

If you want to give more than a single item to your loved ones, put together pool-themed gift baskets. Include all the pool essentials such as an embroidered beach towel, sunglasses, flip flops and sunscreen. By the time summer rolls around, everyone will have what they need to swim. 

Wrap a Piece of Pool Equipment

Stop at a pool shop and purchase a piece of pool equipment that you’ll need for the pool, such as LED lights or a cleaning kit. When your family opens it up, they’ll discover their real gift – a custom inground pool! 

Create a Scavenger Hunt 

You can also take your family on a scavenger hunt to find out what their Christmas present is. Start by leaving clues around the home that eventually lead everyone to the ultimate gift: the pool. At the end of the scavenger hunt, you can use one of the gift ideas above to share the news, such as a framed picture or piece of pool equipment. 

A swimming pool is a gift that offers family fun year round. To start your pool project this spring, contact Paradise Pools or stop into our store for ideas! 


6 Items You Should Never Put In Your Pool

Publication date : Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

When you invest in a swimming pool, the last thing you want to do is put something into it that leads to bacteria growth and dangerous swimming conditions. It can be difficult to reverse water gone bad, so we decided to help out our readers by providing them with a list of six items that should never go in the pool. You’re welcome!

1. Petroleum-based products

There are some online articles that suggest using petroleum products like Vaseline in the o-rings of the filter. Unfortunately, this is a mistake, as petroleum can cause the o-rings to break down over time. Once this happens, the o-rings will stretch or tear, rendering them useless. When using lubricants, make sure that they are made out of silicon or teflon.

2. Too much chlorine

Some pool owners assume that since chlorine is needed to kill bacteria, using more is OK. But, this is not the case. Large amounts of chlorine can cause skin irritation and aggravate allergy and asthma symptoms. Besides being bad for you, an excess of chlorine is dangerous for the pool. The extra acidity eats away at metal piping, pool equipment, pool liners and concrete surfaces.

3. Shock

That’s right. Shock should never be added directly to your swimming pool. It can ruin your pool liner by causing bleach stains the weaken the material. Before adding shock to your pool, always dissolve it in a bucket of water. (Also, remember the important rule of adding chemicals to water and not water to chemicals.) When the shock has dissolved, you can add it to your pool.

4. Electrical devices

The pool is a place for fun and relaxation, so many pool owners enjoy bringing along music and other entertainment. If you drop your iPhone into the pool, you might be out a new phone, but you won’t be in any danger. However, anything electrical – radios, lights, appliances – should be kept a safe distance away from the pool. Electrical shock can and does happen.

5. Food

Eating near the pool is perfectly fine. Eating in the pool – well – that’s a different story. If you a hot dog or chips go over the inner tube, you can contaminate the water, which is a problem in itself. But, more concerning is that the food can end up in the filter and clog it. Plus, the crumbs that you leave behind can welcome pests, which bring their own host of problems. Bottom line: Keep the grilled goodies at the picnic table.

6. Glassware

If you enjoy drinking cold beverages in and around your pool, stick to plastic or acrylic. These can still break and leave sharp pieces on your pool deck, but it’s easier to see them compared to pieces of clear glass. Plus, glass (even shatterproof) is more likely to break. If glass falls into the pool, you also run the risk of ripping the liner. It’s not just glassware to be concerned with but also glass in nearby tables and garden accents, as these can blow over in a storm.

To ensure your swimming pool is an investment that keeps on giving, make sure you treat it well and avoid putting the above six items directly into your pool. If you do run into problems, give Paradise Pools a call.


Adding a Pool to a Small Backyard (and Making it Look Good!)

Publication date : Thursday, September 27th, 2018

Not everyone has a big backyard to work with. While this can feel like a disadvantage when it comes to adding large features like a swimming pool, hot tub or two-story deck, this isn’t the case at all. You will definitely have to be more creative with utilizing your space, but it can be done. In fact, some of our favorites yards are small because of the creativity and innovation that was put into them!

If you have a tiny backyard space but can’t get your mind off having a swimming pool, we have a few tips for putting your space to good use and getting the pool you’ve always wanted.  

Install a Dipping Pool

A dipping pool, or plunge pool, is just big enough to take a quick dip under the hot Mississippi sun. You won’t be able to swim laps in it, but you can cool off and lounge around. There are several advantages to installing a dipping pool, including a lower cost to build, easier maintenance and reduced water requirements. They are a great option for smaller properties.

Opt for a Lap Pool Across Your Yard

If your backyard is long and narrow, consider installing a lap pool across the back of your yard. This leaves plenty of space to install a patio or deck and have some lawn. If you install a fence along the pool, we suggest choosing one that serves as a wall, too. This way, you can install water features that flow into the pool.

Choose a Freeform Swimming Pool

When creating a design for your swimming pool, think outside the box. While rectangular shapes are most popular, they can take up room that you don’t have. Vinyl liner and concrete pools can be custom designed to the shape and size you want them to be. Having curves and a large patio can be enough to give your yard a swimming pool, lounge area and grill area. And – less lawn to mow!

Extend Your Space Upward

To make a small yard look bigger, consider adding levels. For example, install a two-story deck coming off your home that extends to your swimming pool. This gives you plenty of space for grilling, lounging and socializing with friends while having a pool to cool off in. Use walls or fencing to draw attention upward and opt for water features such as cascading waterfalls.

Swimming pools are not reserved for big yards only. Even with a small or awkward shaped backyard, you can install a swimming pool and put your space to good use. Need ideas? Call Paradise Pools for a free estimate.