How Soon Can I Open My Swimming Pool?

Publication date : Sunday, April 10th, 2016

It’s not uncommon for pool owners to go back and forth on whether or not to open their swimming pool at this time of the year. Spring is an unpredictable month, so it’s not unusual to see warm, sunny weather one day, and chilly, rainy weather the next.


The good news is that we’re getting closer to summer by the hour, so one of these days, the warmer weather will stay for good. But how do you know when the best time to open your pool is? Is April too early here in Mississippi?


When to Open Your Pool


Here are a few guidelines for how soon you can pull off that pool cover and start getting things ready.


Consistently Warm Temps


Once the temperatures reach 70 degrees during the day, you can open your pool. The key is consistency. If the temperature is 70 degrees one day and 55 the next, it’s not time. Give it about a week or two of consistently warm weather before you open the pool.


Planning Ahead


If you plan on having a Memorial Day party, you’ll want to give yourself at least three weeks to get your pool ready. It may take even longer to get the water clean and clear, unless you’ve done some light winter maintenance.


If you’re confident that the winter weather is behind us, and you know that you have something coming up, it’s probably time to pull back the cover.


Benefits to Opening Your Pool Early


There are several reasons why opening your pool in April is beneficial.


  • Less Algae. Once the temps warm up, the pool water can start breeding algae. This is especially the case if you have a mesh pool cover that lets sunlight through. This, mixed with warm water, gives algae what it needs to survive.


  • Less Pollen. Imagine your pool sitting there through the spring months while the trees and flowers start to bloom. By the time you open your pool, you’ll have a mess on your hands. With an early open, the skimmer and filter will clean out the pollen for you.


  • More Use. The weather usually gets fairly warm come May, so opening your pool now means that it can be enjoyed as soon as school’s out for the summer! This gives you more pleasure from your investment.


  • Same Costs. Some people worry about their pool costing more if they open it up earlier, but this isn’t necessarily true. While you will need an extra month or two of chemicals, it could actually cost less because the pool water will be much cleaner.


Whether you decide to open your pool now or in a few weeks, the good news is that pool season is officially upon us!