5 Ideas for a Swimming Pool & Spa Combination

Publication date : Sunday, December 15th, 2019

The combination of a swimming pool and spa creates a backyard oasis where you can enjoy the best of both worlds. In the fall and winter, relax in the hot bubbling water under the stars. In the summer, let the kids splash around in the pool while you ease tired, sore muscles in the jacuzzi. It’s a win-win for everyone! 

A whirlpool can be integrated into a swimming pool in many different ways. Below you’ll find five creative ideas for pool and spa combinations. When you’re ready to build your swim spa, contact Paradise Pools for an estimate. 

1. Integrated Spa 

With an integrated spa design, the spa is located inside the swimming pool. It can be positioned on the end, side or corner of the pool depending on its shape and utility placement. To keep the two waters separate, there is a dam wall between the spa and swimming pool. Otherwise, the design appears seamless.

2. Attached Spa 

Another option is to attach a spa to the outside of your swimming pool. This is ideal if you already have an inground pool and are looking to add onto it. Although the two are separate entities, there are many benefits to choosing this setup. For instance, you can pick any shape, size or elevation, though you’ll want to stick to similar materials. 

3. Spillover Spa 

A spillover or spillway design features an attached raised spa. One or more sections of the spa wall have water coming through that flows into the pool. You can choose between spillovers with one wide cascade or multiple narrow spillways. Not only do you get a beautiful aesthetic with this type of spa, but also you can leave your pool open later in the year and open it earlier in the spring.

4. Detached Spa 

This option is beneficial when you already have an inground pool or are working with a unique layout. The swimming pool and hot tub will have separate spaces, but you can also get a bigger spa this way. Plus, some people want their privacy when sitting in the spa, and this arrangement allows for this. To create a unified look between the pool and spa, use consistent materials, patterns and shapes. 

5. Raised Perimeter Overflow Spa 

Raised perimeter overflow spas are becoming more popular because of their beauty and elegance. In this setup, the walls of the spa are set lower than the water level so the water spills over into the pool. There’s a small vessel that then captures the water and recycles it back to the spa. When glass tiles are used, the effects are especially dramatic. 

Do any of these five pool and spa combos sound interesting to you? To find out what your project will cost, contact Paradise Pools today.