Tips for Safe and Fun Nighttime Swimming

Publication date : Monday, August 15th, 2016

Swimming at night is a very cool experience. It’s the perfect temperature, and the dark, night skies and twinkling stars make your backyard feel like a true retreat. But, unless you have the right arrangement for nighttime swimming, you’re not going to get the full effect. Swimming in the dark requires the right amount of lighting, ambiance, security and privacy.

Below are helpful tips for making the most of nighttime swimming.

Provide Lots of Light

Once the sun goes down, there’s not much light aside from what you have in and around your pool. It’s very important that everything is well-lit as you don’t want anyone to slip and fall. Some areas to pay attention to include the pool steps, the pool edge and the surrounding deck. Lighting can be installed in all of these areas using laminar jets and LED lights.

Today’s lighting options are limitless. For instance, they can change colors and make it possible to see underneath the water. Many systems can also be programmed to adjust the speed, motion and brightness of the lights. Lighting can even set the mood for your backyard oasis and highlight certain architectural features.

Protect Yourself from Insects

If there’s one thing that’s going to ruin your nighttime plans, it’s those pesky insects. Mosquitoes come out at dusk and are attracted to water, so they can be a real nuisance in the evening hours. Your best options for pest control include bug control lamps, mosquito dunks, tiki torches or smoke from a firepit or outdoor fireplace.

While you can’t make mosquitoes go away completely, think about the best measures you can take to keep them at bay so that you can enjoy your nighttime swims.

Consider Your Privacy

When you’re outdoors at night and have the backyard lit up, there’s no doubt that you’re going to attract the attention of nosy neighbors. Consider your privacy and what you are most comfortable with. It may be hard to completely relax if you feel that you can be seen by everyone.

Shrubs or evergreen trees are good picks for adding privacy around a pool. Plus, they don’t have thorns or fruit that can make the pool water dirty. You’ll also want to think about the lighting and how bright it is. A warm ambiance is best, and avoid shining any lights onto your neighbor’s properties.

Nighttime swimming is a favorite pastime for many, and now that you have your own swimming pool, you can enjoy it too!