Yes! Your Kids Can (and Should!) Be Helping Out with the Pool

Publication date : Monday, April 24th, 2017

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A swimming pool is kind of like a puppy. Before you have one, everyone in the family wants one. They beg. They find pictures of the type of pool they want. They promise to vacuum the pool and cover the pool and use the pool regularly. Yet once the pool is installed and the newness wears off, all those promises seem to go forgotten. Who ends up doing all of the pool maintenance? Mom and Dad. Right after they pick up after the dog.

Swimming pools are an investment. However, your pool should be worth the time and money you put into it. If you feel that you and your family are not getting what you should from your pool, it’s time to make a change. Your kids can help out with pool chores once they are in school, and this will relieve some burden from you. Aside from that, giving kids responsibilities of their own encourages them to enjoy the pool and the hard work they put into it.

Age-Appropriate Pool Cleaning Tasks

Below are some of the pool chores that kids as young as 5 can start doing. Even if it’s tough getting them motivated, stick with it! There’s nothing wrong with teaching kids how to care for their things and take pride in their home.

All Ages: Pick Up Around the Pool

The first thing you can do is have everyone be more responsible when it comes to keeping the pool area clean. Everyone should get into the habit of cleaning up after themselves after each swim: towels, toys, floats, sunscreen and other items should be placed in the appropriate spots. This keeps the space clean and tidy, plus prevents items from blowing away or falling into the filter.

Ages 5-8: Empty Skimmer Baskets

Children in this age group can empty the skimmer baskets every couple of days. Just make sure that the filters are not running, as you don’t want any of the debris to get sucked down into the filter. Teach your kids how to look for bugs or insects that might be swimming near the basket before reaching in. You can also let your child help you turn on the automatic pool cleaner.

Ages 9-12: Skimming and Brushing

Bigger kids can take on more complex jobs such as brushing the steps, using cleaning poles and skimming the water surface. This is the age where kids often become more interested in spending time in the pool and want to invite their friends over. With their hard work, they will take more of an interest in pool etiquette concerns, too!

Ages: Teens 13+

Once your child is 13 years old, they can start testing the water and adjusting pH and chlorine levels, per your discretion. Your child must be able to handle the chemicals responsibly, so go through the warning labels. Supervise your child at first, and never let them use the chemicals when you’re not home. You can also let teens set up and clean out automatic pool cleaners, empty out filter baskets and assist in filter cleanings.

Use your best judgement when assigning tasks to your children. Some will be ready to take on some of these jobs while others may need more time. Either way, kids of all ages can take responsibility when it comes to caring for the family pool.

Signs You Need a Pool Remodel

Publication date : Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

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If you’re unhappy with the way that your swimming pool looks, or if you feel that it’s lacking some pizzazz, it’s probably a good candidate for a remodel. Remodeling your swimming pool gives it new life and helps you enjoy your investment more. You can also make decisions that will keep you happy in the long run, such as by adding energy-efficient or child-friendly features.

If you’re still unsure if whether or not your swimming pool can benefit from a new look and feel, here are some signs to pay attention to.

Cosmetic Flaws

Though cosmetic flaws don’t affect the functioning of the pool, they are unsightly and take away from your enjoyment. It’s hard to have fun in a pool with cracked tiles or loose fixtures, and you certainly won’t want to invite anyone over for a swim.

A pool remodel will take care of the eyesores and make your investment a wonderful place to be again! A remodel also increases the value of your home and makes it more attractive to prospective buyers, which is important if you plan on selling your home in the near future.

Safety Concerns

Another issue that indicates the need for a remodel is outdated safety features. Safety is always most important when owning a swimming pool, and you would never want something to compromise your ability to keep your yard safe.

Issues such as loose railings, broken decking, improper balancing of chemicals and inappropriate barriers are all things that can be addressed during a remodel. Once the project is complete, you can invite friends and family over for a swim with the utmost confidence.

Energy Consumption

Swimming pools aren’t exactly the best energy savers. They consume a lot of energy and require a lot of water, so owning one will increase your utility bills to some degree. However, if you’ve noticed a spike in your utility bills and you’ve cancelled out other possibilities, it’s likely that your pool is to blame.

A pool requires many parts to keep it working, and these parts have to work harder if they aren’t at their best levels. This requires more energy, and therefore, raises your utility bills. You end up paying more money for harder-working equipment and your pool still isn’t as clean as it could be.

Energy-efficient features are available to cut down on energy consumption. A few of the best include variable speed pumps, heat or solar pumps and cartridge filters.

Have you noticed that your backyard pool is suffering from any one of the above issues? Call Paradise Pools and tell us what you want to see in your upgraded pool! We will listen to your wants and needs and address budget concerns from the start. The finished product will be a swimming pool that has everything you want for a price you can afford!

Should I Hire a Professional to Maintain My Swimming Pool?

Publication date : Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

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Prepping your pool for the late spring and summer is an exciting time, but it may be something that you find yourself scrambling to do. If this is the case, you may benefit from a professional pool company that will handle the maintenance for you. A pool that is well maintained is a beautiful centerpiece for your yard and an instant place to relax and unwind.

Let’s explore the benefits to hiring a professional pool service and why this year may be the year to swim more and clean less.

Opening and Maintaining Your Pool

Imagine having a helping hand when it’s time to wake your pool up from its winter slumber. New chemicals and a new cartridge filter are among the things you need to purchase. You also have to make sure that all equipment is in good working condition. All of this takes time and costs money.

The main challenge when reopening a pool is balancing the chemicals. To help, there are five tests to take: chlorine, pH levels, calcium, alkalinity and stabilizer levels. It takes most pool owners a month or so before they are comfortable handling these chemicals. Even after this month, it takes time to check the water each week and add the proper chemicals.

A professional pool service takes care of this for you. The water is tested regularly to ensure a safe and sanitary swimming environment for you and your family. Most pool companies offer convenient plans based on your needs and budget. All basic tasks will be done on a weekly basis, including skimming, vacuuming, equipment inspection and water testing.

Benefits of Hiring a Pool Maintenance Service in Jackson MS

Most pool owners in Jackson MS don’t have time for regular spa upkeep. If they miss a few weeks, algae starts to build up and cause problems with the equipment. During this time, they aren’t able to enjoy their pools. Imagine all of the time wasted when they could be swimming in their pools and enjoying the warm summer days!

It’s estimated that a pool maintenance service can save the average pool owner 3-4 hours a month! It takes about 30-60 minutes each week to vacuum and clean the pool, plus the time that is needed for water testing and chemical balancing. Hiring a pool service puts this time back into your week, which can be used to enjoy with your family.

Another benefit of hiring a pool sevice is that your investment receives regular attention. Equipment is checked on a weekly basis, and recommendations are made that can be addressed sooner rather than later, saving you money. Plus, when the chemicals are properly adjusted, the lifespan of the surfaces and equipment is prolonged.

Paradise Pools loves helping pool owners in Jackson MS save time and money! Call us today to learn more about any one of our convenient pool maintenance services.