Money-Saving Pool Tips Your Budget Will Love

Publication date : Thursday, July 25th, 2019

Swimming pools are an investment, but most pool owners agree they are worth the cost. However, this doesn’t mean that every pool owner can afford to run through their budget! Fortunately, there are ways to save while still having a beautiful, luxurious swimming pool. Below we share some of our favorite money-saving tips that anyone can benefit from! 

Use a Solar Cover 

Solar covers accomplish two things. First, they prevent heat from escaping the pool and keep the water warm. Second, they prevent debris from getting in, making it easier to care for the water. Various pool covers are available depending on your needs. Paradise Pools highly recommends the Smartop cover that protects pools from contaminants and environmental debris. 

Learn DIY Pool Maintenance 

There is value in having a professional pool company take care of your pool, but if you’re on a budget, you can do this yourself. To care for your pool, you’ll need to learn basic pool water chemistry. You will also be responsible for vacuuming debris, scooping out leaves and cleaning strainer baskets. 

The benefit to using a pool maintenance company is that everything is done for you, and you don’t have to buy the chemicals. Weigh all of the costs associated with caring for your pool to determine what’s best for your budget. 

Don’t Let the Water Turn Green 

Once your pool water turns green, you have to spend the time and money to get it back to normal. Plus, no one can enjoy the pool during this time. To prevent this from happening, know when to add extra chlorine, such as after a pool party, when it’s hot and humid or when it rains a lot. 

Close Your Pool

Another thing you can do on your own is close your pool. If you’re not sure how to do this, stop into Paradise Pools and we’ll be happy to explain what to do! Closing the pool is a bit more difficult than opening it because of winterization. We do have some clients who choose to leave their pump hooked up because it doesn’t get too cold here. This makes opening the pool easier, but it will run up your electricity bill. 

Open Your Pool 

As for opening the pool, you can complete this task in a couple of hours. It comes down to removing the cover and setting up the equipment. Most of the work requires removing water and debris from the cover. Once this is done, you can bring up the water level and install the equipment. 

You don’t need an endless surplus of money to have a swimming pool. By maintaining your pool and taking care of what you can, it’s easy to reduce your expenses. Plus, with your own pool, you don’t have to pay for pool passes, concession stand food, gasoline, etc. See, it’s sounding better already!