Are Solar Pool Covers Worth the Money?

Publication date : Sunday, June 10th, 2018

Solar covers, or solar blankets, are large sheets of plastic that go over your swimming pool. There are many types available, allowing you to find the perfect blend of thickness, color and size.

The purpose of a solar cover is to reduce heat loss due to evaporation. But, is it really worth it to have a solar cover when you may not like the look of one? We hear some pool owners complain that these covers take away from the natural beauty of their inground swimming pools.

In this post, we get down to the details of whether or not a solar cover is absolutely necessary for preventing heat loss and keeping your pool clean.

Solar Covers Prevent Water Evaporation

Research shows that pool covers can increase water temperature by 4 degrees. This can make the difference between swimming and not swimming on some cooler days. Plus, when you consider how much money it would cost to warm your pool using a gas or electric heater, a solar cover clearly saves money. In short, if you’re looking to keep your pool warm without driving up the use of a pool heater, a solar cover is the way to go.

Additional benefits to solar covers are:

  • Reduced chlorine consumption
  • Reduced evaporation
  • Protection for pool pumps
  • No need to use the hose to fill up the pool
  • Reduced debris in the pool
  • Decreased chance of flow blockages

All in all, a solar cover is a simple and cost-effective way to maintain a pool without having to put in a ton of work. If you choose to forgo a solar cover because of aesthetics, you’ll miss out on all of the great benefits listed above.

Solar Covers from Paradise Pools

Here at Paradise Pools, we carry various pool covers to fit the needs of our customers. Choosing the right one will make you happier with your purchase.

The tarp style is the least expensive pool cover and works well for both above ground and inground pools. Expect these covers to last for around 4 years. They prevent water loss and keep debris out, but they are not used for safety purposes.

If you need something stronger, we recommend a lockdown safety cover. This cover is much thicker and can withstand thousands of pounds of break strength! Plus, you can get 10-15 years out of these safety covers, making them a good investment.

If you have questions about solar covers and which ones are right for your swimming pool, call Paradise Pools today!