How to Enjoy Your Pool in Cooler Weather

Publication date : Monday, March 18th, 2019

Enjoying the pool – in late fall and early spring? It sounds absurd, but it is possible to use your pool nearly any time of the year. You just have to get a little creative and install the right features. We’ll give you a few ideas for inspiration in today’s post.

Go for a Cold Dip

While it may not be wise to keep swimming once ice forms on your pool, there’s no reason you can’t swim if the water is simply cold. While it isn’t as pleasant, it’s relatively safe for most healthy individuals.

Better still, there’s some good evidence out there showing that a quick dip in icy-cold water might even be therapeutic. reports that cold water restricts blood vessels, which may lessen inflammation.

In Finland, the idea of bathing in cold water being therapeutic is so prevalent that it’s an entire historical and cultural phenomenon. Of course, they bathe in a hole in the ice on a lake, usually – but your pool isn’t normally that cold!

Install Indoors

This is a sort of more permanent solution. If you really want year-round comfort, consider building your pool indoors instead. Some owners choose to install in a separate pool house, while others build on to their own home or even convert a garage instead.

For obvious reasons, this won’t help you if you already have an outdoor pool. But it’s a reasonable idea if you have the space and budget to make it happen! It’s also a great way to significantly reduce leaves, debris, and other pool clean-up concerns.

Attach a Jacuzzi

What if you live in a climate that’s just TOO cold for cooler weather swimming? While you may not be able to enjoy your pool, necessarily, you can install an add-on jacuzzi tub or spa for precisely this occasion.

There’s nothing quite like relaxing in a hot tub, sipping on your favorite beverage in a gentle snowfall. The contrast of cold and warm can be really delightful!

Bonus: if you have the budget for it, it is possible to install a custom-created fully-attached spa to the side of your pool. This, in combination with adding strong heaters, will allow you to enjoy both your pool and spa for a much longer period of time throughout the year. Each has their own equipment, meaning you can use one, both, or none at any given time depending on your needs.

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