Sand Filters vs Cartridge Filters

Publication date : Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

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Pool filters are designed to keep your swimming pool clean and free of dirt, leaves and debris. With such an important job to do, choosing a filter deserves careful consideration. The most popular types of filters are sand filters and cartridge filters. Let’s talk more about these two types of filters and which one is right for your swimming pool.

Sand Filters

Inside the sand filter is specially designed pool filter sand that removes dirt and debris from your filtration system. The clean water is then dumped back into the pool through the bottom of the filter. There is also a backwashing effect that takes place once water flows out through the waste line, which cleans the filter.

Sand filters are easy to operate and can be used with both inground and above-ground swimming pools. They are more affordable and compact compared to other filters, and they remove 20-40 microns of dirt and debris. However, sand filters do have some limitations to be aware of. They require frequent maintenance, and the backwashing causes higher salt costs on saltwater pools.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are much more efficient at screening out dirt and debris, removing particles as small as 10-15 microns. Because they have a large filtration area, the water moves through the cartridge to remove smaller particles.

With no need for backwashing, there is far less maintenance. All you have to do is take out the filter and rinse or replace it. Cartridge filters reduce energy costs thanks to the lower pump pressure, but the cost of these filters is more pricey on the front end. However, cartridge filters have a longer lifespan because of the reduced pump pressure.

Which is Best?

Based on our experience, we feel that cartridge filters are more beneficial for MS pool owners. First, because there is no backwashing, the filters reduce water consumption and chemical usage. This puts money back in your pocket. Second, less electric is used because of the lower pump pressure. Some pool owners have seen their electric bill go down as much as 50%!

Cartridge filters can be used on most swimming pools. If you’re interested in making your pool more energy efficient with a cartridge filter, call Paradise Pools today.