Peace of Mind

Owning a spa should be a peaceful, relaxing experience. When you own a Hotspring Spas your ownership experience will be just that.


Not only does Hotspring make their spas easy to maintain, they also make them easy to own. They do this by backing up their technology with a one of a kind warranty that they stand behind one hundred percent.

As you’ll see Hotspring gladly discloses its complete warranty in full detail because there is no fine print to hide.

Hotspring Warranty Includes:

7 Year Shell Surface Warranty

5 Year No Leak Plumbing Warranty

5 Year Component Warranty

5 Year No-Fault Heater Warranty

5 Year Everwood Cabinet Warranty

2 Year Light Assembly Warranty

1 Year Freshwater Ozone Warranty

For more details on Hotspring’s Comprehensive Warranty please follow the link below:

Limited Hot Tub Warranty