Hotspring Spa Difference

Relaxation has Found its Ultimate Expression
Number-One Selling Brand

On the market since 1977, Hotspring Spas have claimed the Best Buy award each of the six times Consumers Digest has rated spas.

Hotspring spas have not only been the markets number-one seller, but they’ve also been our best seller over the past 10 years. There are many reasons why we love Hotsprings…but here are a few reasons you’ll like!!

Without a doubt we can say that owning a Hotsprings Spas will be one of the best ownerships of your life. You’ll finally have the escape you crave and the relaxation you deserve

The Energy Smart Spa- Meaning NO HUGE BILLS

hotsprings11Hotspring spas set the standard when it comes to energy efficiency and low operating costs. With totally foamed and insulated cabinets they’re designed to hold the heat in so your heater won’t work overtime. In addition to that, the pumps and heater are designed to deliver maximum performance using minimum energy. When it comes to the pumps, the manifold plumbing system used in Hot Spring Spas is made to minimize restrictions in the water flow, so less jet horsepower (and less energy) is needed to deliver the perfect massage with just the right pressure. The No-Fault Heater ensures maximum efficiency by transferring over 98% of the heat it produces into the water. It may sound crazy but other heaters can waste the heat produced therefore costing you more to heat your tub.

Bottom Line: If you want a tub that has the reliable parts that will work in such a way that it will actually cost you less….Hotsprings is your brand!

An Exclusive Massage

Hotspring Spas deliver the most exclusive massage on the market today! Each patented jet is made to deliver the best hydrotherapy you could ever ask for.

Each Hotspring jet has a specific job that they’re designed to do for you. Want to know what those jobs are? Check out the Hotsprings Jet Index to find out.

09_aria_2An Unmatched Heater Warranty

The heater is typically the most vulnerable component of the spa, due to its constant exposure to high heat, water and chemicals. In fact many spa companies have a clause in their heater warranty that damage is not covered if the spa’s water chemistry was not kept in balance according to their standards. The No-Fault Heater used on all Hot Spring spas is equipped with titanium elements and housing which delivers unmatched corrosion resistance. Unlike all the other guys, your No-Fault heater warranty is valid for five years – regardless of water chemistry.

100% No By-Pass Filtration

This means that all of your water passes through your filter before it returns to the spa. With other spas, water can bypass the filter when the jets are on – the time when you’re in the spa and need clean water the most! By-passing occurs when there is too much pump and not enough filter- forcing unfiltered water, complete with body oils and debris, back into the spa. But with Hotsprings, not only is ALL of your water filtered, but it filters the complete contents of the spa 10-15 times A DAY!! What does this mean for you? You get clean, filtered water with only half the amount of chemicals as the other guy!!

ozone1The ozone system to beat all others!!

All Hot Spring spas come standard with the FreshWater III high output ozone system, which can help purify water and greatly reduce the amount of chemicals used in your spa. It uses Corona Discharge cell technology to continuously generate extremely high levels of ozone. Unlike UV bulb or CD chip systems, it functions efficiently for years with virtually no maintenance required and is far more powerful. For more information on ozone systems click here!!

Endless Options

When adding a hot tub to your backyard environment, the spa’s appearance can be as important as the hot water therapy itself. With Hotsprings Custom Cabinet spas you can have elegance and quality.

It’s Like Icing on a Cake

Each Hotsprings spa is enhanced by an exceptional LED lighting system, and one of Hotspring’s tranquil water features for a soothing, calming effect.

With customization available on every spa, you can enjoy your favorite sounds while relaxing in your spa or entertaining in your backyard with the optional SpAudioCast and Moonlight music systems.

A Name you can trust, Quality you can count on, and the ultimate in safety…what does Hotsprings mean to you?
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