Grizzly Coolers – Ideal for Every Outing

Whether you are enjoying a hot afternoon by the pool or taking the family camping, keeping perishable items and beverages cold is always important. Not all coolers are specifically designed for outdoor use or even multiple uses outside. Grizzly Coolers are strong, durable and can easily handle a week of camping or a month out by the pool.

Why Grizzly Coolers?

While coolers are a seasonal-use item, you should not have to buy a new one every season. Grizzly Coolers are designed to last. They have been rigorously tested, tooled and engineered specifically to last for an extended period of time while maintaining exceptional temperature control. Here are just a few features of Grizzly Coolers to consider:

  • Maximum Ice Keeping – A Grizzly Cooler can keep ice for up to 19 days and 10 hours. Most coolers on the market barely make it to 24 or 48 hours.
  • Lifetime Warranty – A Grizzly Cooler is an investment that pays for itself. When you purchase one, you can enjoy a lifetime warranty on the construction and quality of the cooler.
  • Better Seals – The reason Grizzly Coolers continue to perform well for so long is the thick insulation made from Eco-Mate #2 foam and a strong rubber gasket that seals down the lid tightly. The lid itself is also insulated to ensure that cool air cannot escape.
  • Convenient to Use – These coolers are rigid, but still convenient to take anywhere you go. They come with oversized drains for faster clean up, ergonomic mold-in handles for carrying, a rigid exterior that can withstand an occasional drop, and extremely durable latching systems.

At Paradise Pools, we have a full line of Grizzly Coolers ready to join you by the pool. Whether you are looking for a small cooler to hold drinks or a larger one that can accommodate your next pool party beverages, we have a variety of sizes and custom colors to choose from.

Paradise Pools is your local resource for Grizzly Coolers and many other swimming pool accessories in Jackson, MS. Call us at (601) 932-POOL (7665) to ask about pricing for your next cooler.

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