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Pool Frog System

Above Ground/ In-ground Pool Frog System
Your pool will use less chlorine with far less work while still maintaining crystal clear water. That’s because Pool Frog uses minerals that make the water feel softer and look sparkling clean.
Pool Frog is the only mineral system with a pre-filled chlorine pack that meets the EPA requirements to lower previously approved safe chlorine levels by up to 50%.

Pool Frog 3-Part System

First, the Pool Frog Cycler is plumbed into your lines to serve as a “water treatment center’ and control the flow of the water.

Second, the Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir, the essential part of the systems, is placed inside the Pool Frog Cycler and holds 6 months worth of minerals.

Third, a Pool Frog Bac Pac is placed inside the Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir providing low level chlorine support. You replace your Bac Pac every 7-14 days.

Above Ground Pool Frog System

Above-Ground System
Get Down Mineral Technology
Up to 50% reduction in chlorine and bromine use
Less work than standard water treatment programs
Less irritations like red eyes, dry itchy skin or faded swimsuits.
Reduces long term damage to pool surfaces and equipment.
In-ground Pool Frog System

In-Ground System

90 Day Algae Protection

Add Frog BAM to your pool every 3 months through your Pool Frog Cycler for an algae free, problem free pool!

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